Water classes in English!

We welcome you to prenatal water classes 1 hour a week. 8 slots in basic course.
In a nice heated pool you will join the benefits of fun aqua training with your pregnant friends. And then 30 minutes of Birth preparation talking with the midwife. Different themes every week. For example breathing, relaxation, how to get confidence in giving birth, good labour positions and much more.

You will also have time to relax in the wonderful pool. We have ”Floating with support” every class. You´re gonna love it!


Water training is the most perfect exercise for pregnant women! In the glorious water you experience an ease that you did not think was possible. Good pulse training, smooth agility training and much more becomes possible when the water is carrying your weight. Also suits you with pain issues from back and joint.

After the exercise, a wonderful calm lies over the pool. The light goes down for the soothing relaxation time. It will be a bit like ”Mum-SPA”. Wonderful relaxation exercises are varied with prophylaxis, targeting, tips and trials of midwife. In the warm and beautiful pool (33-34 degrees) it becomes natural for you and the mother group to start thinking about and preparing for delivery together with the course leader, who is midwife.

Does it suit all?

No. Unfortunately not. If you have problems with urinary tract infections, you should not choose water training.

Cost:  2 490 SEK

When is the best time to participate?

Choose a course starting around pregnant week 28-32, because by the end of your pregnancy you will enjoy the most of your exercise and the birth preparation themes feels relevant and interesting.

If you´re  a twin mum, you should start a little earlier.

Welcome to book your class after you´ve reached week 12 + 0.


HISINGEN, Lundbybadet   Map here

The swimming pool is separate from the rest of the bathhouse, with its own dressing room. The pool has easy sloping depths, so you can easily find a place that suits you, whether you’re tall or short.

NOTE! At the start you have to deposit 100 SEK  for a ”code bracelet” that provides access to changing rooms & pools. It is kept throughout the course and you´ll get the deposit back at the end of the course.
Bring a padlock to the closet.